When we receive your order, you will be sent a Foam Kit, and instructions on how to book a telehealth appointment with a licensed practitioner who is an expert in assessing foot pain and orthotic treatment(s).

They will evaluate your feet with you, review any information that you have provided, as well as, instruct and watch you step into our Mold Kit. 

We will then ask you to use the providing shipping box and return postage sticker to send your mold to our facility.

All of our Foam Kit are digitally scanned and stored with your Footsy profile for future use. You can order another Footsy fast if you need to!


Once the mold box is received by use it is laser scanned into a digital file of your foot and placed into Production. Once in Production the appropriate materials are formed over the positive models for each orthotic solution we create for you.

All the required accommodations are adhered to the shell, followed by the appropriate top cover material for your custom requirements. The orthotic is then ground to a precise fit by our skilled technicians.


Last off the product reaches our quality control and pre-shipment department where we confirm the orthotic meets the exact requirements you and our practitioner provided for your Custom Orthotic order.

Once this is confirmed your order is scanned and allocated for delivery, you will receive an email containing the courier tracking information as soon as it leaves our facility. All outbound shipping is free at Footsy.

This entire in-house process is completed within days.


FOOTSY’s are unique to each of our clients, they are made for YOUR FEET ALONE, no two FOOTSY’s are the same! We bring the experience of getting Orthotics to you.