FOOTSY’s are unique to each of our clients, they are made for YOUR FEET ALONE, no two FOOTSY’s are the same! We bring the experience of getting Orthotics to you. 

Footsy provides custom sports orthotics that are designed to improve your performance and prevent injuries. Our sports orthotics are made from high-quality materials and are custom-fit to your feet, so you can be
sure they will provide the support and stability you need.

We offer a variety of sports orthotics, including orthotics for golf, running, basketball, and more. We also offer sports orthotic insoles that can be used in any athletic shoe.

Our sports orthotics can
be ordered through an entirely virtual experience, so you can save time and money by not following traditional purchase procedures. You may be someone who is looking for golf shoe orthotics, or perhaps you are looking for basketball orthotics. Whatever your sport or needs, simply answer a few questions about your feet and your activities, and we will create a custom orthotic that is perfect for you.

Benefits of
Footsy Sports Orthotics:

  • Improved performance
  • Prevented injuries
  • Custom-fit
  • High-quality materials
  • Virtual experience

Order your custom sports orthotics today and see the
difference they can make! Experience the difference at Footsy.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs.

Sports orthotics are specially designed shoe inserts that provide support, stability, and comfort for athletes. They are customized to the individual’s foot shape and biomechanics, helping to enhance performance, prevent injuries, and alleviate foot and lower limb pain during sports activities.

Yes, our sports product collection are all custom sports orthotics. These orthotics are tailored to your specific foot needs and sports requirements, offering optimal support and performance enhancement.

Yes, we offer orthotics for golf in our sports product collection. These orthotics are designed to provide targeted support and stability for golfers, improving weight distribution, balance, and swing mechanics for an enhanced golfing experience.

Absolutely! Our sports orthotic insoles are designed to be versatile and suitable for a wide range of sports activities. Whether you participate in running, basketball, tennis, or other sports, our orthotic insoles can provide the support and comfort you need. Just let our team know what sport you want to use them for in our Telehealth session.Can I consult with a specialist to find the right sports orthotics or products for me?

Yes, we understand the importance of finding the right orthotic sports shoes for your specific needs. We have a team of specialists available to assist you. You can reach out to us for personalized recommendations, guidance, and any inquiries you may have.

When selecting soccer orthotics, it is important to consider factors such as the level of arch support, shock absorption, and the material's durability. It's essential to create orthotics that suit your foot shape and provide optimal comfort during intense soccer activities. Consulting with our Telehealth team will ensure you find the best soccer orthotics for your specific requirements.