Our Mission

Comfort For Your Feet From The Comfort Of Your Home!

We only care about one thing:  providing Canadians with an accessible and affordable way to have COMFORTABLE FEET. 

Whether you're on your feet all day, enjoy recreational sports or are battling foot pain, we believe that ensuring you have COMFORTABLE FEET is of the utmost importance.

This is why we created Footsy, to allow Canadians to regain control of their FOOT COMFORT in an affordable and convenient manner.

 Keeping you on your toes.

The days of coordinating with several clinics, driving from location to location and purchasing expensive orthotics are in the past. Footsy gives you the highest quality, truly custom orthotic at a fraction of the cost of what you will see at a clinic.

We bring the experience to you, so that you can focus on keeping active, keeping healthy and keeping on your toes.

How It Works.

We bring the entire orthotic and compression hoisery to your home. Begin by placing an order online or 'find your footsy'. An impression box will come to your door within (X) business days. You can then create your impression or do so alongside a licensed professional via our telemedicine platform.

Use the shipping label provided to send back to us and then you will get your footsy within (X) business days.


FOOTSY’s are unique to each of our clients, they are made for YOUR FEET ALONE, no two FOOTSY’s are the same! We bring the experience of getting Orthotics to you.